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OMar 20, 2009

Offseason Draft Recap – Round 1

My keeper baseball draft was this past Sunday (3/15/09). I had the 12th pick as the Defending Champion. So I had to wait and react, instead of targeting one specific player and being thoroughly disheartened. Here is how the first round went and I will provide analysis for the first couple of rounds. I won’t […]

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OMar 12, 2009

Three Days

Until our draft in the keeper baseball league. Very, very exciting time indeed. The buzz is flowing. Everyone has a clean slate. We all have the same record, so this is before reality sets in for the dregs of the league LOL All joking aside, picking in every round, I must react to the ebbs […]

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OMar 3, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Trade

I finally completed the long-awaited trade with SirHeadro in the keeper baseball league. I traded Francisco Rodriguez and Derek Lowe I received Roy Oswalt, Ricky Nolasco, and Ryan Dempster buy brand cialis no prescription

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