Baseball Trade Evaluation

I only play in keeper formats nowadays, but I want to shed light on trades in my league so readers can gauge player values in a short term and future perspective. I am currently the second seed, have been very aggressive in deals (my M.O.) all season; I have dealt away, in no order: Darvish, Braun, Ortiz, Rosenthal, Alex Wood, etc so I am not afraid to eradicate the core of my team if I see an increased value for my team. This deal also involves a team that has recently fallen out of contention.

I receive: Hyun-Jin Ryu, Howie Kendrick, and Jimmy Rollins

I give up: Elvis Andrus, Rubby De La Rosa, C.J. Wilson

My rationale for doing the deal: I acquire the best player in the deal in Ryu, a top 25 starting pitcher on one of the best teams in the league. Ryu sports a solid strikeout rate, is close to must-start status, and will slot nicely in the middle of my rotation. He helps alleviate the disappointing season of Homer Bailey and the possible regressions of Tim Lincecum and Jason Hammel. I also upgrade at shortstop this season with Rollins, who is currently and stunningly having a top 3 campaign. Kendrick is excellent middle infield depth who I can play in any given week without punting the position (though if he’s starting over Dee Gordon, my weekly edge is mitigated, no doubt)

My opponent’s rationale: Sure, he gives up Ryu, but a strong argument can be made that he relinquished three keepers for one. C.J. Wilson is having a solid season, in spite of his recent D.L. stay and ineffective pitching, owning an 8-6 record, 107 K in 116.3 IP, and 4.33 ERA and 1.33 WHIP. Rollins and Kendrick don’t help a non-contender so taking a shot on Andrus’s youth and consistency at a weak position makes plenty of sense.

The wild card of the trade is De La Rosa, the erstwhile Dodger top prospect who arrived in Boston two years ago via the Red Sox successful salary dump on the Dodgers. De La Rosa was dynamite with his high octane fastball before suffering an elbow injury requiring Tommy John surgery. Still a youthful 25 years old, De La Rosa has been very good since being called up on May 31st. His impressive stat line of 3.54 ERA, 1.22 WHIP and 36K in 48.3 IP portends to a successful return to a prospect with frontline starter potential. If he evades the injury bug and continues to harness his spectacular stuff, he has no. 2 starter ceiling. Thomas is taking a shot here, but a very reasonable one given De La Rosa’s tantalizing prospects and ancillary benefits of improving his keepers.

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