I know I said I was going to play Fanduel all season head to head, but it became a little repetitive and stale. Playing the same opponent is a gift and a curse. Yes, you know his predilections and nuances in regard to choosing a lineup and you can pick and avoid players at your discretion. You can play defensively by choosing the players you “know” he will select, or play the other way by being more aggressive.

It was exciting at first to play and rewarding to nail players with huge scores. After nearly 40 days of competition, it became stale and the learning experience became minimal. There is plenty to learn, but through playing in bigger contests with a dash of head to head, not limiting oneself to daily head to head play only.

In the meantime, I will finish writing my book and focus on my Super Keeper League team, in fourth place at the moment.

This is missing your voice.

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