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OOct 11, 2013

Trading for Julio Jones

No, this is not a bitter, ranting polemic against the Fantasy Gods and one of the best five wide receivers in fantasy or real football. Of course, when we are not in the selfish bubble of fantasy points, sits and starts, division games, we need to remember that football players are humans and I definitely […]

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ODec 3, 2010

Drama-Free Week 13

I must say it is extremely therapeutic and peaceful knowing I have clinched the No. 2 seeds in both of my leagues and the only issue still up in the air is who my first playoff opponent will be in each respective league. It is an enviable position, yes. I have been “in the game” […]

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OSep 1, 2009

Fantasy Football Draft Recap

My twitter was acting up the Sunday during the draft, so I couldn’t tweet the draft like I wanted to, so here is the synopsis. Andy traded DeAngelo Williams to move up with Levon for Antonio Gates and the 3rd pick in the re-draft overall, which equates to a 5th rd pick. But Stat King […]

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OJan 12, 2009

Fantasy Draft Location

I wonder what’s the strangest places for drafting is. I have done it at friends’ homes. I have done it at a sports bar and/or restaurant. I have done it in someone’s backyard. I have drafted on the phone, via conference call. Of course, with the mainstream sites like,,, etc installing the […]

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OJan 12, 2009

Re: Football Keepers

Per an earlier column in November, I had to decide who I wanted to keep going into next season. After raising the banner, I definitely feel a lot of pressure has been lifted. Once again, here is my quandary: I can only keep 5 of the following (plus 1 defensive player, which will be Tampa […]

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OJan 2, 2009

Fantasy Football MVP

Peyton Manning just won the NFL MVP award for the 3rd time. Congratulations. I never liked him, but man, no denying that he is definitely on the short list of candidates for best quarterbacks ever. Fantasy wise, he definitely scares me every time I am up against him. Now onto the topic of fantasy football […]

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ODec 17, 2008

Once again, Fantasy Football is a very cruel game Part II

Here is the damage to my vehicle from my car accident last week, just to show that how crazy things are and for once, I just happened to be very unfortunate. Let me take this moment to segue to my victory last week.  Was I lucky or good? Was Andy unlucky? All of the above? […]

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ODec 15, 2008

Once again, Fantasy Football is a very cruel game Part I

To say these last days of my life have not been kind to me would be a major understatement. I hate to complain, but I have had more than the usual share of unluckiness and mishaps. Work has been a little stressful, definitely a sharp contrast to the way it was in the summer time. […]

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ODec 11, 2008

Addai may not go against the Detroit Lions

So there goes the potential of a great matchup against one of the worst teams in the history of the league. Unfortunately, I wasn’t savvy/smart enough to have Dominic Rhodes on my team. So I will be “stat chasing” after all with Mr. Antonio Bryant. My good friend Randy, a die hard Bucs fan, sent […]

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