Note: This page will be updated FREQUENTLY as we get inquiries and new phrases are created.

Head to Head Leagues: Leagues where you go against an opponent or more over a set period of time (usually a week)

Full Stat Line–an NBA phrase referring to a player who notched at least 1 rebound, point, steal, block, 3 pointer made, assist, and in some cases, turnovers. The truly elite players like LeBron, Durant, Paul George, Josh Smith frequently post “full stat lines”

PPR (Points Per Receptions) In fantasy football, when you receive a point for every catch an offensive player makes, you play in a “point per reception” league.

Position Scarcity: A concept that subscribes to drafting the elite players at traditionally thin positions (such as catcher or second base in fantasy baseball, or tight end in fantasy football) rather than picking the best player available, regardless of the position.

WHIP (Walks and Hits Per Inning Pitched) This is calculated by how many baserunners a pitcher allows via base on balls or hit allowed. Anything less than 1.20 is considered a very good number. A WHIP under 1.00 is outstanding.

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