Discipline is the most important ingredient to success, because the hard work and commitment take a physical and emotional toll for any endeavor you embark on. We may have the best intentions to succeed and invest our best efforts into a project, but it maybe beyond our control

In fantasy sports, many owners are ravenous for information to add potentially high impact difference makers to their squad. We scour reliable waiver wire columns from our trusted writers and cull our league free agent pools for the valuable finds. In order to keep up and stay ahead of our competition, we must look for information daily and a hot player can lose his luster with an 0-4 day or a 3.1 6ER 3 BB 2K loss. The bottom line is to keep working at it and over the course of the season, your team should be much better than it was in March.

Therefore, from this moment on, I vow to invest the same amount of time and effort on my writing as I do my fantasy team to start, then gradually ratchet it up as I pick up steam. I didn’t begin my career as a fantasy junkie so my aspiration is to forge an existence as a writing junkie.

This week’s lineup:

Some hard moves but ultimately I chose to play all of my two starters: Jeff Locke, Jesse Hahn (with a win already so playing with house money), Jered Weaver, and my hardest choice, Mr. No Hitter himself, BIG TIME TIMMY JIM! I had trepidation about Tim because he faces Hahn in his second start, but at least this amplifies my odds of piling up points to end the week. This meant either Bailey or Cody Allen as my last pitcher, and I am lying if the CGSO didn’t factor into my decision but ultimately, Homer’s a right handed Derek Holland–the quintessential boom or bust pitcher, equally as likely to shutout the Rockies or get lit up by the Pirates. I would feel worse about missing on a gem like last week than watching him toil with a mediocre effort. In addition, the Tribe have been playing poorly, rendering Allen without a save opp in over ten days, so no need to chase such a fickle stat when I have other viable options.

This is missing your voice.

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