Everyday People

Note: I am transitioning away from writing about fantasy sports predominantly to more tradition writing posts. I will write a smattering of fantasy related posts, as I feel inclined to do so, or as the audience demands them.

In my memoir, everything I write will be authentic. I will include all facts as well as intriguing anecdotes pertaining to my journey from inveterate gambling loser to gambling addiction conquerer. Sadly, there are people I know still crippled by this affliction, but their paths are pertinent to my tribulations. I still talk to some of them, and they have provided me with consent to be in my book. I don’t maintain contact with other people, not even casually through Facebook, but I am certain they don’t want to be mentioned. I can’t afford to be sued or fight lawsuits either, so what should I do?

First, lucky for me, I know of at least two counselors who are willing to be in my corner, pro bono. If the draconian does happen and I find myself up against defamation suits, I will be prepared. Second, how about having the prescience to not stir up enmity with people from the past in the first place? I am still going to tell my story with the unequivocal truth, so how do I do it without being sued for libel?

The answer as usual is, Occam’s Razor. Simply change names and not implicate the individuals who want no part of rehashing your past. I have quite a few erstwhile good friends who will be applied with aliases in my memoir, but that doesn’t mean they are not paramount to my story. On the contrary, they are of such importance that I am unable to narrate my embarkment without them. I just have to cover them with masks and dub their voices to do so.

This is missing your voice.

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